The wounded warrior.

Never give up, sometimes you need to take a break to recover like a wounded warrior. It doesn’t matter how long you take to recover. Don’t feel bad that you are not working as well during your time of rest. Don’t worry how slow your progress is, as long as you never give up and keep going. I always make myself feel bad or beat myself up during times when I am not so productive, not doing anything at all and/or not doing what I would like to be doing at this moment, but at that moment in time I think of my metaphor of myself as the wounded warrior taking a lie down to recover from bleeding wounds for awhile and remember it is necessary to regain strength. Sometimes they will be minor wounds so you only need to zone out from activity for awhile. Sometimes they will be great gaping bleeding wounds where you need longer. I’ve learned NOT to make myself feel bad about this. As long as you make sure you DO get up to fight again once more!

I have realised now there is a pattern and that I need to take a lot of recovery time, it is interspersed, like a pattern. Get up to fight for awhile, achieve things, feel happy at progress, then take some blows and need to not do stuff for awhile before I can leap back up to fight again. Think of it like a graph, up then down, up then down, up then down, like a wiggly line.

You are allowed to take recovery time, but you are never allowed to give up for good!!!

Remember this. This imagery I came up with in my mind has certainly helped me.

Maybe it can help you too?

– Rachel ❤

The wounded warrior.

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