Dream Sequence

A drawing I’m working on at the moment which features heavy rainfall and a wooden chair faced away from the viewer. I call this drawing/idea dream sequence because it is based around a dream I had last December which looked very odd, yet very striking and poignant visually to my mind as well. I suppose it could also simply be called ‘Rain’. I liked the idea of trying to draw raindrops too. I tried experimenting trying to draw some rain, first with just pencils, then I tried to add pens. I also left a lot of the raindrop pencil marks without pens. What I’ve been attempting to do is make it so that there seems some sense of depth by firstly *size*, not making all the drops the same size, some tiny little drops, some much larger. Secondly I have been trying to make the tones more varied in the drawing by using a variety of tines and heaviness for the drops, incorporating pencils (HB, 5H), a light-dark grey thin fineliner, a black thin fineliner as well as a lot of black biro pen. I hoped to achieve more tonal variation with using several different shades, so that the heavy rain looks more varied, dappled in tones and light. It is all worthwhile experimenting anyways and I am enjoying drawing and trying to learn things along the way.

The drawing as it looks so far.
Dream Sequence

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