The Stories of Heroes

why is it always in stories that the guy always saves the girl & pretty much never the other way around? girls very very rarely get to be heroes in fictional stories.

to be clear I don’t really have that much of a problem with a guy saving a girl in a story if she’s in danger but fiction’s always seemed terribly terribly unbalanced, unfair and unequal.

I grew up reading stories about heroes who were always guys and they always saved the girl but it ended up being a pattern where the girl was always *just* a character that existed to be saved and there was no more to her character than that. I’d like to see more stories where the characters are more equal in nature and females get to be heroes just as much as males.

I always grew up reading the stories of the tales of the hero, the hero was always male, of course this never bothered me too much because I see male and female as equal so it did not bother me to imagine myself as that character despite being a girl, however I also got angry and annoyed because it seemed clear roles were being taught to both males and females, men are strong, women are weak, I feel like this issue has still not been resolved. Characters of both genders need more depth and reality to their personalities and stereotypes need to be eradicated if people are to have the freedom to be themselves without being told they can’t be a certain way. This can be a painful thing for any person, to be told they can’t be a certain way because of stereotypes and old mindsets, stereotypes have always been a big hate since I was very little, they are demeaning and it is silly to say everyone is like this or that, everyone is different. Obviously there are certain exceptions but this is rare even today it seems and it is the other that predominates.

One day perhaps I would like to see a day where males and females are seen as equal and in fiction that females get to be *as much* of a hero as the males, in both fiction and reality.

The Stories of Heroes

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