Depression Drawings

Starting to do some drawings based on depression. This first art page I’ve drawn so far shows scars. I want to break the “taboo” and “stigma” surrounding depression… it’s ok to not feel ok.   ❤

I thought it might be cool to do a whole series of drawings, like a graphic novel or something!! to bring more understanding and less prejudice.

My scars are not ugly
They do not make me weak
Nor do they make me crazy
My scars are reminders that I have survived
My scars are beautiful
They show a deep inner strength
That I am still winning
The horrific battles I fight day by day.
I am strong.


A lot of people will not like this art I am sure, it takes a lot of bravery and courage to do so believe me. But I want to make artwork that expresses very real things and emotions in life and I feel this is important stuff to express through my artwork.  I am happy with my first drawing, I hope to make more drawings based on things like depression but next I think I would focus on a different aspect of it.

Hoping to make more art soon, I’ll update when I’ve done some more drawing/painting. (^_~)

People struggling with depression/anxiety are not weak, they are strong. That is all. (^_~)

Depression Drawings

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