Strawberry the Skyrim adventurer – beginning a sketch


*** Work in Progress***

I played on Nick’s Skyrim on his computer recently and made a character. I dont play it very often because its on his pc but sometimes when hes at work at weekends I may play a little bit. The world truly is beautiful and its an enjoyable game, I also for some reason rlly rlly like the chracter I made. She is a pink Argonian that I called Strawberry. She’s a mage that focuses on/ specialises in Destruction magic, predominantly Ice/Snow themed magic/spells. When I was doing the character creation I just went with whatever first came to mind and what I liked the look of aestetically, but I guess if I were to expand upon this character more, I would say its most likely Strawberry is a nickname given by other people she comes across based on the fact that her body colour is… very pink in game, and that her real name may be very different. Perhaps she has just grown used to going by the name Strawberry and could also serve to be convenient to hide her real name, for whatever reason. Anyway I really enjoy this character for some reason, I just kinda felt like drawing pictures of her. Just doing some sketching practice/line works of the chracter at the moment but once I got that down I’ll ad colour too. I might draw her from different angles, maybe in a location with a backgorund (im thinking snowy mountains since I made her an Ice Mage?), maybe casting a spell etc. Its just kinda fun to draw again really. 🙂 I’ve not done any drawing for a long time, trying to see if I can get back into it 🙂

Strawberry the Skyrim adventurer – beginning a sketch

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