Manga Start



So I’ve recently decided to try drawing an 8 page manga script.

I wrote out the script one evening, the next evening I’d planned out in a sketchbook where all the pictures and text would go, as well as the layout of the boxes. I’m really enjoying it so far. I enjoyed writing the script, I enjoyed planning out the storyboard and playing around with different possible layouts for all the boxes on each page and how to place everything compositionally. I feel so passionate about the short bit of story I’ve come up with to draw, I feel like the idea and message is important so I really want to get it down. 😀

Now I am trying to practice drawing out certain things, starting off with my main character. I created this character when I was 16, told myself I’d one day make a graphic novel with this character, and 7 years later I still haven’t done anything with him. Now has come a time where I really want to use his character however. I really want to draw my own manga. Im enjoying it so far, hopefully it turns out well. I feel like I’m really well suited to this kind of work/project. It didnt take me long at all to write the script and plan the storyboard. Although I expect it will take longer, and with more practice, to draw what happens in the script so it looks good. 🙂 Hopefully it’ll turn out as well as I want it too. ❤

Manga Start

New piece start/Trying out digital


*****Work in Progress*****

Got a tiny cheap little graphics tablet in the post today at a price which is pretty good for a poor student. I’ve never really tried digital art before but I wanted to start to try some out. It took me all afternoon today just to get it to work (until I realised a major mistake I made was putting the battery in the pen the wrong way around -____- …… oops…..)

A lot of frustration today in the form of technical mishaps which led to retreating momentarily to lift some weights and punch some pillows to let out the brief rage. :’) However… I eventually got stuff working, and have made a start on some new art…. 🙂 I feel this one might be slow going, as this is my first time working with digital media but I’m really excited to try out digital drawing/painting. I think the edited and imported photo of my traditional drawing of the diary currently looks really nice. 🙂 I wrote the text I wanted for the diary pages with the digital pen. Now that everything is set up my plan is to plan out the rest of the picture and then try to paint with the digital.

Exciting stuff, will see how this new picture progresses, I am sooo excited for it. 🙂 ❤



New piece start/Trying out digital