8-page manga finished! Now to design a cover!



Trying to start designing a front cover page for an 8-page manga I completed recently… 🤔
Cannot find the cable for my graphics tablet that connects it to the laptop anywhere currently and I scanned in some pencil art to colour some of it in digitally so I’m having to use the laptop tracker pad to colour for now. It’s really such a pain trying to paint digitally by clicking and dragging > < Not fun. I guess I just have to make do with that for now as I don’t have any other means. * sigh * 😣😣😣
I also can’t stop listening to this for the past few days that I stumbled across on youtube… it’s so beautiful 😊😊 🌟
8-page manga finished! Now to design a cover!

Music – Some more info on this painting so far. :)


Here is my most recent painting that I’ve been working on at uni. The colours are the ‘music’. The idea behind this piece is getting lost in the world of music. Listening to music is something I spend a lot of my time doing, although often a lot of time I am not even working on art while doing this, a lot of the time I am just sitting and listening to the music. I often feel like my mind is stuck and paralysed, and I am just listening to the same music over and over. My mind tries to get itself lost in the music, and escape to the power of the music world. I wanted to create some art to express this. I feel it is very important to try to express this as it seems vital to who I am. It is like a way of fighting against reality, fighting against emotional and/or mental pain. Music can help you going in life. Music is my weapon against reality. I use it to fight back.

This is done on quite a large canvas, almost the size of me heightwise, twice as wide as me widthwise. Medium is oil paint.

I’ve been listening to the same setlist of some music that I’ve been listening to every day on repeat since the summer, the fact I listened to this setlist on repeat is something that help inspired this work. A huge thank you to all the musicians who created these works. A lot of these I just found by random on the internet but they just happened to be the ones I kept clicking repeat endlessly on these past few months.
The main songs I listened to while creating this piece :
“Blvck Ceiling – Girl money”
“CVL† SH‡† – ßƟD¥ ßΔGƵ”
“Blvck Ceiling – Wvfflife”
Music – Some more info on this painting so far. :)

Painting adventures can begin

**Work in Progress*** time to start some newwww painting 

Wow, well today was an adventure. Left the house at 6am this morning, carrying a canvas almost as big as me heightwise, and twice as wide as me width wise. In one hand. Because I had to use the other hand for all the oil paints, brushes, sketchbook etc. etc. oh yeah and an easel….. hahaha.
And stayed in the studio at uni pretty much all day long, it was cool. :After handing in dissertation yestreday I can now have time on the practical work. Because I was just focusing on the essay before, and I missed drawing and painting…. dscf3771
Damn was I so happy to be painting in the studio again. Its been too long. Painting hype!!!
Painting + music is the best combo. 

Painting adventures can begin