Work in Progress – Digital Painting #7



Second Digital Portrait Painting.


So for my project I’m trying out digital painting for first time in my life but I’m also painting my friends at the moment.

Here’s the latest one I’ve been working on. This time its Greg. I think this one is pretty much finished now! Spent about 3 or 4 days on and off on this one.

Got about 6 more portrait paintings to do after this one. 🙂

Hoping I can get them all done and that they all turn out ok before the end of the semester. 🙂

Second Digital Portrait Painting.

First digital portrait painting


Haven’t updated this blog for while but here’s my progress of a digital painting I’ve been working on recently. First attempt at painting a digital portrait picture and second ever attempt at digital painting. I’m quite happy with how the digital painting is going, I am getting on with it a lot better than I expected to. 🙂


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First digital portrait painting

The Diary


Think I may have finished this one now. 🙂

First ever attempt at digital painting.

First ever digital painting, havent tried digital painting until now.

The words on the diary pages read “Love all that you can, the more that you can love with all of your heart, the stronger you will be.”

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The Diary

Workinprogress night4 – Digital Painting


Another night sat with my tablet, another night of adding some more slow progress to this…. 🙂 added some more details to sheep painting in background, worked on the wooden watercolours box, and now trying to get down the basic colour and lines down for the desk surface…. Trying to work out the line patterns on the desk wood in my head is hurting my head a bit. ^^’ I feel like the desk surface will be one of the hardest parts to get down. But I’m sure I’ll get there eventually. 🙂 Slow and steady … like Aesops tortoise.

Workinprogress night4 – Digital Painting