Second Manga attempt: Workinprogress of some of the pages so far… Still got a lotta work to do :3


Timmy & Teddy chapter 2 WorkinProgress

Here are some pictures of digital colour manga pages I am working on. I’m not entirely sure yet what the chapter will be called, at the moment I’m thinking “A conversation with Eira”. One day I wrote out a script with two characters having a very interesting conversation over a particular subject. Timmy and Eira (the new character i put near the end of the first manga I ever tried to draw). I liked what I wrote so I’m now trying to convert it into a manga thing. Hopefully it goes well in the end. Heres a preview of some of the pages I am working on atm. I got so much work to do!! SO so much to do. I got a really long way to go but I hope I can produce something beautiful and finished one day…. BTW these pages arent necessarily in the correct order because I’m not necesaarily working on them in the correct order, and theres still a bunch I havent even started yet….. I’m really excited for it to keep growing though. I also drew a mascot character design recently for a competition that I’m really happy with, I’d love to show you guys but I keep having this paranoid daydream that someone might steal the image and enter it as their own and then they win and not me. heh… so I’ll upload a picture of that one soon at the end of may when the deadline is just gone 😉

-Rachel ❤


Screen Shot 2018-05-12 at 15.49.19



Timmy & Teddy chapter 2 WorkinProgress

8-page manga finished! Now to design a cover!



Trying to start designing a front cover page for an 8-page manga I completed recently… 🤔
Cannot find the cable for my graphics tablet that connects it to the laptop anywhere currently and I scanned in some pencil art to colour some of it in digitally so I’m having to use the laptop tracker pad to colour for now. It’s really such a pain trying to paint digitally by clicking and dragging > < Not fun. I guess I just have to make do with that for now as I don’t have any other means. * sigh * 😣😣😣
I also can’t stop listening to this for the past few days that I stumbled across on youtube… it’s so beautiful 😊😊 🌟
8-page manga finished! Now to design a cover!

Manga Start



So I’ve recently decided to try drawing an 8 page manga script.

I wrote out the script one evening, the next evening I’d planned out in a sketchbook where all the pictures and text would go, as well as the layout of the boxes. I’m really enjoying it so far. I enjoyed writing the script, I enjoyed planning out the storyboard and playing around with different possible layouts for all the boxes on each page and how to place everything compositionally. I feel so passionate about the short bit of story I’ve come up with to draw, I feel like the idea and message is important so I really want to get it down. 😀

Now I am trying to practice drawing out certain things, starting off with my main character. I created this character when I was 16, told myself I’d one day make a graphic novel with this character, and 7 years later I still haven’t done anything with him. Now has come a time where I really want to use his character however. I really want to draw my own manga. Im enjoying it so far, hopefully it turns out well. I feel like I’m really well suited to this kind of work/project. It didnt take me long at all to write the script and plan the storyboard. Although I expect it will take longer, and with more practice, to draw what happens in the script so it looks good. 🙂 Hopefully it’ll turn out as well as I want it too. ❤

Manga Start